Isabel Andrés Portí

Isabel Andres-Porti

Isabel Andres-Porti


Isabel is a multilingual director, vocational writer, free-form storyteller and visual archivist, who has delved deeply into all facets of research (concepts, characters, stories, locations, photography, footage, documentation and licensing) mainly for high profile commercials and documentaries.

Hailing from Barcelona, she has worked and lived in Rome, London and Berlin, her present base, in a career, which has given her fifteen years of experience on commercials, TV, feature films and especially documentaries (her deeply felt, barely-secret crush).

’Something I always did was listen to the oldest ones in the family, I just loved it… I was ‘eyes and ears wide open’. Their stories made my imagination fly and this has never changed. I still get distracted when I hear an interesting conversation at the table next to me, or on the train, I can even follow them to get to listen till the end! So, watch your back!’

Isabel is an insatiably curious soul who delivers her stories and commercials from a sincere point of view, attempting to get as close to the secretive sides of humans as possible, because, as Graham Green said, “Human nature is not black and white but black and grey”. She loves to dig intensively into the grey zone. This humble and intuitive nature has gifted Isabel with a natural talent for connecting with her characters and a larger audience, and portraying the most human and genuine side of life through all mediums of work she produces.