When we make films, we sweat to get the very best of our subjects. Our team of raw-cut visionaries share an ethos of dedicated and enjoyable filmmaking; using real sets and creating a safe atmosphere in front of the camera, which allows honest performances and a great mood for capturing original art.

We believe strong research delivers the perfect components for our cinema on the day, without incurring the unnecessary production costs considered industry norm. Our filmmakers use the most modern technology to streamline production time and reduce on-set bureaucracy, so that one can deliver a pure slice of life, unhinged and unfiltered.

We seek more than ‘a paying job’. Our projects are carefully selected, because we’re doing the thing that makes us most happy. We must engage meaningfully with the themes, heart and soul, and create  something the whole team is proud of, because our work seeks a larger meaning; to display our craving for life.


After designing and selling customised software packages in his student years, Jack Alexandre graduated from New York Film Academy and went on to manage projects in the US, southern Africa, Barcelona, London, Milan, Berlin and more recently Madrid. He has picked up 5 languages, numerous desired clients and bounds of experience in all realms of commercial advertising, including animation, web solutions and film production.

His ethos is dedicated and enjoyable filmmaking. He enjoys using real sets, creating a safe atmosphere in front of the camera to allow honest performances, and ultimately, striving for original art.

Each new project is carefully selected, as the team seeks more than just ‘paying jobs’. The goal is to engage meaningfully with the themes, heart and soul, and deliver something ambitious that propels everyone involved.